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- Tell me, please. – Asked Roma.

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- In another time, now let’s talk about you.

What do you miss? How do you think should be corrected, that all was well, and you normally go to school?

- Well, I do not know, maybe something like that. – Began Roma
- What? May interfere with the house parents do not get to do the lessons siblings?

After all, you’re a smart guy. – Sergey continued.
- You know, I can not bring myself to. I do not have long engaged in something, I get distracted and shift their focus to something else.

- Well, you do not make the parents? – Asked the teacher.
- No, they try to convince me that this is not good, but it turns out they did not.

- Well, as to the terms, you have your own room? – Asked Sergei Petrovich.
- Yes, the room, the TV, the computer will buy soon. – Began Romka.

- I would place your parents would have whipped you good, not the computer to buy. – Said the teacher, sharply changing grace to anger. – You sit back, play the fool, and the parents on you hand is not raised.
- K-as it would be flogged? – Roma were taken aback.

- And just like that would go down your pants, belt to be knocked the shit out of your ass. – Briefly painted a picture of a spanking negligent pupil Sergei Petrovich.
- Do you think this will help? – Suddenly found himself asked Roma.

- In some cases helps. – Said the teacher.
- And how do you think many in our school beat?

- Do not hit and poryat. Live sex chat room free.

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