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Pulling his hand once again, which, judging by the feelings, was probably already at the elbow, the doctor said

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- Looks like they are you still in the stomach!

Do not worry, now you do a quick wash, and it’s over.
He took off his gloves and threw them in the trash.

I had a feeling that just stuck in my umbrella, opened it, and then removed. Open anus and did not think to close because the muscles are not working.

It was too unpleasant.
The doctor pulled out of the closet enamel bucket, funnel, and two hoses – one that is thinner – he attached to the funnel, and the second, the thickness resembling garden, generously greased lubricated.

- I think after the first procedure is easier to go down – he said, walking toward me. Audultfree chat.

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